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Pronghorn (Antelope) Hunts
  (Antilocapra americana)
 We have various hunting programs available on
exclusive private ranches in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado and in other areas as well for these black-nosed "speedy goats". The average buck taken is 12" to
16" depending on the area and outfitter selected and prices will vary from $1,500US to $2,500US. There have been a select few 17" bucks harvested off some of these ranches and many have qualified for the SCI and Boone & Crockett record books. These hunts usually last 2 to 3 days in duration and are enjoyable as clients will look over many bucks before one is harvested and it is an exciting hunt for a father and son/daughter. Success averages near 100% on mature bucks. One of our New Mexico outfitters has quite an unusual hunt and has been written about in various sporting publications and journals. This outfitter utilizes tepees to accommodate his clients thus making this a genuine western style-hunting excursion by turning back to a much earlier time period in American history.

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