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Cougar (Mountain Lion) Hunting
  (Felis concolor)
The total population of this specie is stable through out the western USA and Canada. The best method for success is by trailing a fresh cougar track with a pack of experienced hounds as this specie has a home range that is quite large and it can exceed 25- 35 square miles. We can arrange hunts for our clients
in many of the western states (Idaho, Arizona, Utah, etc...) or Canada. A cougar hunt in British Columbia would be a good choice as guide territories are large and hunting pressure in most areas is normally low. This specie is totally carnivorous (a meat eater) and thrives where deer and elk populations are high. There are certain areas our outfitters hunt in British Columbia that will definitely meet this kind of criteria. One of our premier outfitters has guided hunters for various big game species (including cougar) for nearly 25 years and his cougar hunts are done utilizing a pack of highly trained hounds. The price of his 7-day program is $3,400US and hunts are conducted with 1x1 guiding in December, January and February. His success rates on mature toms runs 90% or better and there is no mistaking that this outfitter is one of the best. We also represent another outfitter in southeastern, BC who conducts 7-day 1x1 hunts and his price is $3,200US and this family has outfitted clients for many decades and his success is also 90% or better in most years. Another one of our outfitters guides in Arizona and his hunt is a 6-day duration and the cost was $2,000US in 2000. Although weather conditions here are usually dry his success rates are normally quite high. We also represent an outfitter whom can guide hunters in the western states of Arizona (over the counter tags) and in Utah (draw area). His hunts are 7-day programs and are guided 1x1 and the price of his hunt is $3,500US. His success rates for mature toms can also reach 90% or better most years. We also represent one of the best outfitters in the state of Idaho and he guides for cougar and other big game species too. His success rate is extremely high (near 100%) on big mature tom cougar and his hunt is a 7-day duration and is guided 1x1 and his price is $3,400US. He guides in the most remote wilderness area in the lower 48 states and it is in a 160 square mile area. It is located in the River of No Return Wilderness in the Salmon Challis National Forest in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River region. This is truly a remote wilderness hunt in very pristine mountain country where different big game species (including cougar) are in great abundance.

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