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  (Rangifer tarandus granti)
There are a number of operators whom offer hunts for this specie and we have selected the best programs for our clients. The hunting opportunities 
in the areas these outfitters hunt are fabulous and trophy animals abound. The prices usually average between $2,450US to $4,850US depending on if clients prefer 1 or 2 caribou bulls in areas where 2 caribou bulls can be collected and what hunter to guide ratio (1x1, 2x1, 3x1) is selected. Many of the caribou taken over the years have qualified for both the SCI and the all-time Boone and Crockett record books thus exemplifying the quality of the areas our outfitters hunt. Please keep in mind that the quality and quantity of the animals that inhabit these outfitters areas/units is just plain fabulous. The Mulchatna and Western Arctic caribou herds are two of the most common herds residing in the state of Alaska.

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  (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus)
We have some fabulous caribou hunting programs available to our clients in the Northwest Territories. One of our best operators has successfully guided clients, in the past, to the number one rifle, muzzleloader and bow and arrow entries in the SCI record
book. Caribou are one of the most difficult species to field judge and score due to their antler mass configurations, however, the professional guides our outfitters employ are experienced and aid hunters in this matter. This is one of the most enjoyable hunts for caribou we can offer to our clients due to the quality of the animals. Another one of our NWT operators has also guided many clients to Boone & Crockett caliber animals and the areas they hunt are also plentiful with game. The cost of these hunts averages between $3,985US to $6,000US depending on whether a hunter wants 1x1 or 2x1 guiding and whether or not a client wants to collect 1 or 2 caribou bulls in areas where 2 bulls are permitted.

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  (Rangifer tarandus caribou)
This specie is more difficult to hunt due in part to the vast mountain and valley terrain it inhabits. Our outfitters offer hunts for these superb ungulates in the vast regions of British Columbia and in the Northwest
Territories. These hunt programs vary in price from $3,400US to $5,000US for a 2x1 hunt to $6,500US for a 1x1 hunt. These hunts are usually a bit more expensive than for some of the other caribou species because of the over-all cost logistics to access their remote hunting concessions. Mountain caribou are the largest of all of the North America caribou species, in regards to their weight. This specie also carries the heaviest antlers, however, their antlers are not as widespread as some of the other caribou species. These hunts are often combined with other species and success rates are extremely high on real trophy class bulls. The hunting areas are vast and game is plentiful and due to the remoteness of the country hunting pressure is practically non-existent in these Canadian provinces.

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  (Rangifer tarandus pearyi x groenlandicus)
This specie is the smallest of the various caribou species
in North America and it inhabits the arctic islands tundra of the Northwest Territories and Boothia Peninsula. We have an outfitter whom for the first time in 2000 was able to combine a hunt for Arctic Island caribou with Greenland Musk-ox. Both of these species thrive in great numbers and they experienced a 95% success rate. The price of this hunt is $5,900US plus GST, etc. While on this hunt, clients can expect to see many trophy class caribou bulls and musk ox. We are also associated with a few other superb outfitters whom offer hunts for the Arctic Island caribou, so please inquire.

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  (Rangifer tarandus caribou)
This specie is highly migratory and during the fall of the year it is constantly on the move. The Ungava (George River) herd is the most recognized. It inhabits the tundra regions in most of Quebec and Labrador. We have several top rate outfitters whom conduct
hunts for this animal. One of our operators has several dozen camps available and they are strategically located to catch the major caribou migration routes. This premier outfitter, in the last 10 years, has experienced a success rate of 1.9 bulls per hunter and many bulls harvested have scored 400 using the Boone and Crockett scoring system. Clients will be hunting the Leaf River caribou herd in this part of the country. Another one of our outfitters hunts the Ungava herd and it is the largest herd in the world and totals 800,000 animals strong. His area has also produced a number of SCI, Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record book animals. We have hand selected the best outfitters for this specie and one glance into the record books will emphasis this fact. The prices on these hunts vary from $3,295US for a non-guided drop camp hunt to $6,295US for a fully guided 1x1 hunt. The price of a 2x1 hunt is $5,295US, the cost of a 4x1 hunt is $4,295US and the cost of a 6x1 hunt is $3,895US. These cost parameters will depend on the hunter per guide ratios and whether or not 1 or 2 caribou bulls are harvested in areas where 2 caribou bulls can be collected. Another outfitter charges $2,595US for a drop camp hunt. Real trophy class caribou are more limited in their numbers and we therefore recommend our hunters do a 1x1 or semi-guided hunt (2x1, etc.). By doing this, our clients will definitely increase their chances of taking a spectacular trophy bull caribou as the professional guides know where to locate these exceptional animals.

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  (Rangifer tarandus caribou)
We have outfitters whom offer hunts for this specie on the island of Newfoundland. The current Newfoundland caribou population totals over 90,000 animals strong and many record book trophies have been taken in recent years. This caribou sports the smallest antlers of all the North America caribou species, excluding the Arctic Island caribou in the NWT. However, it makes up for its small body and antler size by its shear will to survive in its harsh eastern Canadian environment. Sportsmen enjoy hunting this specie in conjunction with the Eastern Canada moose and
this makes for a fine combination (multi-specie) hunt. There are approximately 120,000 to 150,000 moose on Newfoundland and each fall around 30,000 are harvested. The success rates are extremely high (85% to near 100%) on both the single specie or combo hunts. One of our outfitters hunts an area where his success on caribou has been 98% and his moose success has been 97%. The prices of these hunt programs vary depending on the areas being hunted and on the hunter to guide ratios (1x1, 2x1, etc.) and what animals a client ultimately selects to hunt. The price of these hunts can range from $2,600US to $3,200US for a caribou or moose hunt to $4,400US to $4,600US for a combo caribou and moose hunt. A caribou/moose/black bear combination hunt is also available and is $5,000US. The total number of black bears on the island of Newfoundland is unknown. The black bears are in fair abundance in this territory and it is usually hunted as an incidental specie (by chance) while hunting caribou and moose. However, Black bear can reach an extremely large size in Newfoundland, Canada.

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