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   (Ursus americanus)
We offer hunts for black bear to include spot and stalk, baited and hound hunts for
these magnificent animals. Our hunting programs are diversified and there is a hunt to fit almost any budget. One of our best hunts is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and it is a spot and stalk hunt for 1 or 2 bears depending on the clients preference and almost all bears will qualify for the SCI record book. We also can arrange a premier hunt in Alaska, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and other areas in the USA and on the mainland of British Columbia. Prices range from $995US - $4,000US depending on the area and final destination our clients select. One of our Alberta outfitters has guided hunters to big black bears (2 bear are permitted) and his success rate has been in the 170% range. These animals have various color phase configurations to their hides including: chocolate, blond, cinnamon and black (depending on the geographic areas these bears inhabit). We also have hunts available for the rare and elusive glacier (blue) bear out of the Yakutat area in Alaska, so please inquire.

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  (Ursus arctos middendorffi)
"Brownies" are big and powerful bears and they have been hunted by sportsmen from around the world and this specie is one of the most coveted North America animals a hunter can collect for his trophy room. Our outfitters offer hunts for these animals in many different guide areas in Alaska including Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula. Clients must be ready for wet weather conditions while hunting for a big boar and will
also spend a great deal of time glassing the side hills, valleys, lakes and streams looking for a trophy bear. There are hunting seasons in both the spring and fall depending on the area you will be hunting. Bears in the spring are scattered on side hills eating grasses and what not and their hides are usually nice (not badly rubbed). Brown bear hunting in the fall typically means the bears are more concentrated on stream tributaries eating salmon high in protein to gain a considerable amount of weight before the long winter months arrive. The Alaska Peninsula has a reputation for growing large bears and was designated a trophy bear area to ensure the trophy quality of the bears remains in tact and Alaska wildlife specialists decided that spring hunts would take place in even years (2002, 2004, 2006, etc...) and fall hunts would take place in odd years (2003, 2005, 2007, etc...). The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has enforced this odd/even year methodology since 1976 with great success and over the year's sportsmen have harvested really big bears when this game management technique was applied. The price will vary on these bear hunts and it will depend on the areas you'll be hunting for these magnificent creatures and the cost will range between $8,500US to $15,300US.

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  (Ursus arctos horribilis)
We have many different programs available for a grizzly hunt. Our most popular ones are located in Alaska, the Northwest Territories (Arctic Barren Ground Grizzly)
and British Columbia. These beautiful bears inhabit rugged and remote backcountry areas not usually frequented by man. We strongly believe we have selected the best operators available for this specie in regards to the quality of bears that are consistently harvested. One of our premier outfitters hunts the Talkeetna mountain region in Alaska for grizzly and this animal is the primary specie hunted in this area. We have another operator in northern Alaska in the arctic region and these bears tend to run smaller in size (6 1/2' - 8 1/2') than those from the coastal regions of Alaska. However, the Arctic grizzlies come in a multitude of different color phases and include brown, silver, tan, blond and black. Our Northwest Territories (NWT) outfitters conduct hunts for barren ground grizzly and have run 100% on success for several years. We also have a few superb grizzly hunt programs available to our clients in British Columbia and success rates run extremely high with our outfitters. The British Columbia grizzly season was closed earlier in 2001 for a short while, however, the season has re-opened. The hunt programs cost range from $7,500US - $9,000US.

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  (Ursus maritimus)
The Inuit (Eskimos) often refer to this specie as the "Nanook of the North" and it is one of the most sought after species on the North America continent. We have operators whom conduct hunts in the Northwest Territories and the cost is $22,500US. Our
Canadian operators have various areas they hunt (Holman Island, Gjoa Haven and Taloyoak) for these big carnivorous "White bears". American sportsmen can now import Polar Bear back into the USA from any one of the 3 areas listed above. The only exception is Pelly Bay in Nunavut, NWT as this is a non-importable area into the United States. The hunt is done using a dog sled team and this method of hunting is not for the faint of heart due to the extremely cold temperatures (-35 degree farenheit in late march - in may 20 degree F) and traversing vast open terrain on ice that can be rough. Currently, dog sled hunting is the only legal way to hunt this specie because of the international law signed by all Polar bear owning countries including Canada, Russia, USA, Norway and Demark on the behalf of Greenland. It is currently illegal to hunt them any other way. Success on these hunts over the years has ranged from 86% to 93% and trophy quality has also been remarkably good and 80% of the bears harvested have been in the 8 ½' to 9' class, however, 15% have been larger and 5% have been smaller. There is currently a waiting list to hunt for Polar bear (very few permits are available) and you will have to wait your turn in order to participate in this hunt. Hunting usually takes place in late March in the southern areas of the Arctic and hunts usually extend until late May in the high Arctic. The exact time will depend on when the bears are normally out and about and on tolerable weather and temperature conditions.

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