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Gray Wolf Hunts
  (Canis lupus)
The Gray wolf (Timber wolf) is the biggest wild member of the dog family and it inhabits vast forests, plains, mountains and tundra areas. Its current distribution is in Canada and Alaska and in certain states (Montana, Minnesota, etc.)
and it lives in other places in North America too. The current population of wolves in Canada is estimated at approximately 30,000 +/- and there are approximately 4,000 to 7,000 wolves in Alaska. In Minnesota, their numbers are estimated at 1,200 +/- strong and the total number of wolves in North America has apparently not decreased since the 1950's. It also finds its home in certain areas located in Europe and Asia. Male wolves can reach an estimated live weight of between 80 to 120 lbs. or greater and stand on average around 30" high at the shoulder. This specie is extremely intelligent and it is usually found living in family groups or units. The wolf is an unbelievably efficient predator and hunts in packs to facilitate and gratify all its food and hunger needs. Wolves have strong jaws with sharp teeth to eat meat and their primary source of food are ungulates (cloven hoofed animals) such as bison, sheep, elk, deer, caribou, muskox and wolves can even take down moose. However, wolves at times can also be found eating small rodents and rabbits when all else fails. Its fur (hide) is beautiful, full, and thick and varies in color from nearly white, to brown or black and of course the more common gray color.

All of this aside, wolves are usually taken as an incidental (by chance) animal while hunting for other big game species. It is extremely difficult to hunt this animal with any kind of success due to its elusive nature. Incidentally, the wolf is truly a magnificent animal and is a real challenge to hunt and would make a wonderful addition to any sportsmen's trophy room collection. We currently work with a select group of outfitters whom have abundant wolf populations in their guide territories/areas whom guide clients for wolf with great success. These operators have specifically set aside dates exclusively for this specie because they realize how difficult it is to harvest a wolf with any kind of consistency. They conduct their hunts in the Northwest Territories (NWT) in Canada as arctic wolves thrive in abundant numbers there and pursuing one is a real genuine challenge. Their hunts are conducted utilizing a nice, comfortable permanent camp. This outfitter may also at his discretion provide warm heated cabins at a lodge for his clients, however, this will depend on what areas he will ultimately decide to hunt for wolf. His equipment is first rate and is in good condition and he also employees experienced guides. This hunt is an 8-day program with 6-days of hunting and is guided on a 3 hunter to 2 guide
ratio. If a client is successful and a wolf is harvested the hunt is considered over. The price of this particular hunt is $3,500USD and there is also an additional $1,500USD transportation fee charged to the client in order to obtain access to his hunting areas. The wolf license is ($50 Canadian) and the trophy fee is ($100 Canadian) for a non-resident alien and this fee may increase without any notice. These hunts usually start the first week in April and continue through the end of the first week in May. Please Note: clients whom are successful will be required to obtain an export permit from the applicable Wildlife office and it is issued free of charge once the required trophy fee is paid. For export out of Canada a wolf hide/skin requires a CITES Export Permit available from a designated NWT Wildlife Official. We can also arrange a superb hunt for both the arctic wolf and barren ground muskox and the cost in 2001 was $5,100USD. This hunt is an 8-day program that includes 6-days of hunting and is guided 2 hunters to 1 guide and takes place in March or April and there is an additional transportation fee of $1,500USD charged to the client to obtain access to his hunting areas.

We realize there are other outfitters whom may offer less expensive hunts for gray wolf than the ones we have selected. However, we sincerely believe we have chosen the best outfitters, not necessarily the cheapest ones for our clients. Their programs are the best going in today's time due in large part to their high over-all success rates each year. There are many other important factors and criteria that we take into consideration when we evaluate outfitters and we choose them for various reasons. We are extremely careful with this process because we want our clients to thoroughly enjoy their hunting experiences. Our company and its associates do everything humanly possible for our clients as we continue and strive to be the trend setters in the outdoor vacation travel business. We encourage you to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you in the planning of your next adventure.

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