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Barren Ground Muskox Hunts  |  Greenland Muskox Hunts
  (Ovibos moschatus moschatus)
This specie inhabits the cold arctic tundra of the Northwest Territories. The total number of all muskox in Canada is approximately 85,000 to 90,000 animals of which 60,000
 reside on Banks and Victoria Island. There is also an estimated 21,000 that reside in Greenland. We represent an outfitter whom offers two kinds of hunts for this specie. The first is out of the Holman Bay area on Victoria Island in the NWT. It is priced at $3,500US and hunting takes place in March and April and it is a 4-day program that is 1x1 guided. The second hunt is for World Record muskox and they receive approximately 12 tags and it is conducted on the Nunavut Mainland in the NWT. A few of these animals have scored 120 B & C and several are new world record contenders. This hunt is a 10-day program and for safety reasons it is conducted 2x2 and the cost is $4,800US per hunter. Our clients can expect success to be virtually 100% and you will be able to look over a great many muskox before harvesting one because they are plentiful. Another one of our outfitters offers a 6-day hunt and the price of his hunt is $5,495US.

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  (Ovibos moschatus wardi)
The Greenland muskox is a bit smaller in size than its Barren Ground counterpart. We
can arrange one of these hunts for our clients and the cost of a 5-day hunt program for Greenland muskox is $4,750US. This outfitter is well known and clients have put many trophies into the record books. Hunting takes place in October and November when the muskox grow their finest coats. The animals are herd animals and usually are seen 10 to 20 at a time, however, in certain instances 100 or more will be grouped together. The biggest pitfall is the way muskox defend themselves from danger. If a predatory animal is located and threatens the herd they will bunch together and formulate a circle with their heads facing outward. This technique makes them an easy target for predators (wolves, etc.) as they normally stand and do not break away and scatter from rest of the herd.

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