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American Mountain Goat Hunts
  (Oreamnos americanus)
This specie is one of the most under rated in North America. It will challenge the skills and abilities of the most accomplished and experience sportsmen. It inhabits some of the most rugged and unforgiving mountain terrain and has tremendous eyesight to detect any danger. Its long silky white coat is beautiful and this animal
would be worth the monies to do as a life size mount. We have an outfitter in southeast Alaska whom receives a couple of permits to hunt this specie. The cost of his 7-day 1x1 hunt in 2000 was $5,000US. His area is located in gentler mountain terrain and it is a bit easier to traverse than a hunt for this same specie in the rugged up and down mountains in many areas of British Columbia and hunting will take place at lower elevations too. His success rates run high on 9" or better billies. This goat hunt is in extremely high demand and his openings fill quickly so please be aware. We also are proud to represent an outfitter whose family has been it the outfitting business for over 50 years now. They have a great reputation and his clients over the years have put many animals into the record books. His exclusive guide territory is located in the Cassiar Mountains of British Columbia. His goat hunt is a 10-day program and is guided 1x1 and the price is $6,500US. This mountain goat hunt is one of the best going in regards to today's money standards. Success rates are high (85% - 90% or higher) and so is the quality of the over-all hunt. We can also arrange trophy goat hunts with other excellent outfitters so please inquire with us if you are interested.

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