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  (Odocoileus virginianus)
This animal is in abundant numbers through out most parts of North America and it has gained the respect it truly deserves. Big whitetail bucks are cunning and elusive and can often times escape hunters totally undetected. This
specie has been the main focal point in many hunting camps and has been publicized about in every major sporting journal. There have been a great number of definitive books written on the white-tailed deer, penned by today's most prominent hunting authors. In fact, there are numerous newsstand magazines devoted entirely to this specie alone. All of this aside, we can personally say we have the best outfitters available for this specie. The prices will vary and are based on the guide to hunter ratios, guide areas and the total length (# of days) of the hunt. We have hunts available in many of the western states as well as in Canada. Prices vary from around $2,000US to $5,500US and hunts are conducted on private ranches and/or on vast public hunting lands too. The success rates will also vary and a lot will depend on the weather, the time of year you will be hunting and the total number of days you hunt. Also, clients will normally be able to increase their chances of success by increasing the time they spend in the field. If a client wants a genuine opportunity to harvest a 150 B & C buck or better we
strongly believe Canada or perhaps a private ranch hunt in Texas or elsewhere may reward him with this opportunity. You will probably encounter extreme cold weather conditions while on a November rifle hunt, in Canada. The weather is of course, more tolerable for clients whom choose to hunt in Texas. There are also other outfitters in the USA that guide clients to big whitetails and we can arrange a hunt for you with one of these outfitters. You will typically be able to look over several bucks while on a private ranch hunt and while you are on a Canadian hunt you will be fortunate to see a very select few trophy class bucks. However, the likelihood of seeing bucks in the 150 B & C class or above becomes more of a reality for hunters willing to travel to any one of the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Alberta or Saskatchewan because our outfitters are experienced and know where and how to hunt for these big elusive bucks. We can also arrange a game ranch hunt for this specie for clients whom would prefer this style of hunt where success is virtually guaranteed. If you are interested in this type of hunt please call us so we can discuss prices, dates and available openings with you.

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  (Odocoileus hemionus hemionus)
This animal is one of the most popular and challenging to hunt. The real wall-hanger bucks in today's times are few and far in between. There are so many mule deer hunting programs available it often becomes difficult for clients to select a particular outfitter. The prices for this animal vary drastically from approximately $2,000US to $25,000US depending on the outfitter and the areas hunted. For a client whom would like a good representative animal (18" or better antler span) success can run as high as 95%on mature mule deer bucks and clients whom spend a little time and effort will take a nice trophy. We have hunts available on both private
and public hunting lands in many western states and Canadian provinces. However, for the hunter who wants the very best trophy hunt available the price increases and hunts are usually conducted on large private hunting ranches where hunting pressure is extremely light. The success rates on these hunts for big mature bucks can reach 90% or better and trophy quality is also high on bucks that will score between 160 to 180 SCI. This style of hunt will cost in the $4,500US to $6,500US and some outfitters charge an additional harvest fee. The harvest fees will also vary from $1,500US for bucks that gross score less than 170 B & C to $3,000US for an animal that would net score enough to make the B & C record book as either a typical or non-typical buck. We have an outfitter in east central Colorado whom guides a very select group of clients each year to these real trophy class bucks and he will put you in on the "ranching for wildlife" draw most of which is done in conjunction with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. In recent years, his hunting clients have harvested a 35-inch wide 196-scoring buck and a 30-inch wide 206-gross scoring buck. A client also harvested a 211 non-typical buck on the ranching for wildlife draw hunt. We also have an outfitter whom has access to exclusive private hunting ranches in southwestern Utah and bucks harvested here have scored over 200 B & C. These ranches are on or in close proximity to the famous "Paunsaugunt Plateau" and this area is known for producing big bucks. Please call us if you are interested in this hunt to discuss rates with us and to see if there are any openings. There are very few permits available each season on these ranches and therefore his openings fill quickly. We can also arrange a game ranch hunt for this animal if one so desires and success is virtually guaranteed. Please call if you are interested in this type of hunt so we can discuss prices, dates and openings with you.

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  (Odocoileus hemionus crooki)
This specie is similar to the Rocky Mountain mule deer but the Desert mule deer is smaller in both its weight and its antler mass (not as heavy) as its Rocky Mountain mule deer counterpart. However, their antlers are extremely widespread and can easily exceed 30 inches in width. Our outfitters have guided clients to monster mule deer bucks and many of them have qualified for the SCI and Boone and Crockett record books. Hunting programs for this specie take place in December and January and even with our very best outfitters success rates average 80% and most of the deer harvested have 28" antler spreads and over which is considerably better than any of the competitor's mule deer bucks. These hunts take place on extremely large and
exclusive private hunting ranches in the state of Sonora, Mexico where hunting pressure is light and bucks are able to mature. Prices for the 6-full day hunting programs range from $4,500USD to around $7,600USD for a 1x1 hunt. Additional harvest trophy fees may apply depending on the outfitter that is ultimately selected. Clients can also opt to hunt for 10-full days for Desert mule deer and Coues white-tailed deer. The price, with one of our outfitters, for a Mule deer/Coues deer combination hunt in the year 2003/2004 is $10,500USD and no additional trophy fees apply.

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  (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)
This specie is enjoyable to hunt and makes for a great father and son/daughter outing. Our outfitters conduct hunts in Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia. Their current population is estimated at 1,500,000. It inhabits the wet forested Pacific coastal regions of North America and it is very familiar with its surroundings.
Rifle and archery hunts are available and costs vary from $1,500US to $3,500US. Trophy fees on harvested animals may also apply and this is an additional fee. Real trophy class bucks are difficult to harvest on a consistent basis due to their elusive nature, however our outfitters will dramatically increase your odds of taking a quality black-tailed buck. Our outfitters and their guides have learned certain skills though different trial and error processes and utilize these skills often and also know where to locate the bigger more solitary bucks.

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  (Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis)
This animal inhabits the coastal areas in southeast Alaska and
certain areas in British Columbia too. It has been successfully transplanted in the gulf areas in Alaska to include the Yakutat area and on Afognak and Kodiak Island in Alaska. In fact, there numbers are so abundant in certain areas in Alaska that sportsmen have been able to purchase several permits for this specie in a single season. One of our outfitters hunts the south end of Kodiak Island and this area with out doubt holds the greatest numbers of Sitka Black-tailed deer on the island. This 1x1 guided hunt includes 5-days of hunting and the cost is $5,500US. Clients can also do a combination hunt for Brown bear and Sitka Black-tailed deer for approximately $16,500US or for a 10-day brown bear only hunt guided 1x1 the price is $14,500US. We also have other superb outfitters whom will be happy to guide our clients on hunts for high scoring Sitka Black-tailed bucks, so please inquire.

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  (Odocoileus virginianus couesi)
We have selected a few of the finest operators whom will guide hunters to this magnificent animal. They conduct their hunts in the state of Sonora, Mexico on some of the best private hunting ranches available. They are a very experienced and professional group of outfitters and have guided clients to exceptional trophy quality
animals. The guides they employ are skilled veteran guides and know how to put clients onto SCI and Boone and Crockett quality bucks. Success rates average 80% to 100% and hunting is usually done on private ranches. For a Coues white-tailed deer hunt guided 1x1 prices start at $2,800USD and go to about $4,000USD. The Coues white-tailed deer has been the main topic of many outdoor sporting publications and for good reason. Trophy bucks are extremely wary and are difficult to stalk due in large part because of the vast open desert environment they inhabit. The mature older bucks know their land surroundings well and often sneak away undetected by hunters or animal predators. His hunts takes place in the months of December and January when the weather and temperature is usually nice. Both of these months are normally good in regards to hunting these rather small and intelligent animals.

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