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American Bison Hunts
  (Bison bison)
We have different programs available for bison in South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, and British Columbia and on various Game ranches. The price for a non-trophy
bull hunt will start at approximately $2,500US and it will go to around $4,000US for a trophybull hunt. Sportsmen whom need to round out their trophy room collection will need to partake in one of these fine hunts. Please inquire about the Colorado hunt because it is one of the best fair-chase hunts available to our clients. This makes a great father and son hunt due to its short duration and for hunters wanting to use a primitive firearm (muzzleloader) it is just the ticket for a successful and memorable hunting trip, western style. Hunters can look over several massive bison bulls before taking one and you can expect a near 100% rate on any of the above aforementioned hunts. All of these hunts are superb though and any one of them would be a fine choice.

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