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Game Ranches & Exotic Hunts

(There are nearly 130 species of Bovids (hollow-horned ruminants) & many of them have been successfully imported to North America and are classified in the Family Bovidae, however, there are too many species for us to give a complete list)
We receive a few inquiries each year from hunters requesting
us to find a ranch hunt where they can harvest record book animals. We have selected such ranch hunting facilities for our clients and they are located in many parts of theUSA and Canada. Your final hunting destination will depend on the type and quality of animals you would prefer to harvest. These hunts are normally guaranteed and are in high demand and many of the ranches have beautiful first
class lodge facilities with many diversified amenities (club houses, pools, saunas, sporting goods stores, etc.) There are so many different species available it is would be difficult to describe them all to you and many North America species and Exotic species (introduced big game animals imported into North America) are available to clients. Prices and trophy fees for each animal harvested will also vary. There is one ranch located in Texas hill country that was purchased by a family in the late 1880's and it is still in operation today. It is the largest exotic ranch of it's kind and holds healthy populations of big game. In fact, the ranch is enormous (50 square miles) and it is home to over 10,000
animals and 55 different species roam the property of which 25 species can be hunted. Another spectacular private hunting ranch is also located in Texas
and it encompasses over 3,000 acres. This ranch has a population of Rocky Mountain Elk that is perhaps the largest private herd in the nation.This ranch facility is also home to many different species including: Addax, Armenian Red sheep, Axis deer, Blackbuck, Bongo, Eland, Elk (Wapiti), Fallow deer, Siberian Ibex, Nile Lechwe, Nyala, Pere David's deer, Sable, Scimitar-horned Oryx, Dybouski Sika, Defassa Waterbuck, White Elk and White-tailed deer. Please telephone us if you are interested in this type of hunt so we can tailor a hunt to fit your specific needs and discuss prices, dates and openings with you.
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